August 22, 2009

Play Taps, Boys...

I think it's officially, "wait 'till next year" time. I had such high hopes for the year, but the cubs aggregate inability to hit the baseball has pretty much officially doomed the team this year. Gongrats to the Cards. It looks like the Holliday deal was a good one, and the team just looks like it's hitting on all cylinders. Even more, the superstar does the little things to win, and that rubs off on the rest of the team. Albert singled, stole second, went to third on the steal attempt, and hustled home on a Sac fly. If the top paid guy plays like that, it makes the rest of the team want to do it, too. You gotta respect that. I just hope my Cubbies can stay out of the rest of the Central. The rest of those team really haven't played well at all, and even if the Cubs can't make the post season, st least they can make a goos showing and finish in second.

Good luck to both teams for the remainder of the season!

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