April 27, 2009

Dangling the Carrot...

I am so thankful that there are Cub fans in the world! No matter how bad my day has been, or what terrible tragedies are being reported on the Evening News, I can count on Cubs fans to cheer me up. Delusional opinions and ramblings (Cubs fans call it "optimism") saturate the comment sections of every major sports web site today. The Cubs lost 2 out of 3 to St. Louis this weekend, and trail the Division leading Cardinals by 3 games. The thing that makes this all so hysterical is that, because Chicago won the final game of the series, well... "that makes everything OK!" You see, in the mind of Cubs fans, they have all of the momentum now. Beating the Cardinals on Sunday has somehow paved the road to the World Series. Nevermind the fact that as of today, they are 3 games back, in 4th place in the Division, and at the pace that they are on right now, they will be 24 games behind the Redbirds after 162 games. (Shhhhh... I know we're only 2o games into the season, but Cubs fans are already trying to figure out if they are Wildcard contenders)

The beauty of this yearly ritual is in watching their confidence rise to off the chart levels, then in the priceless expressions of disbelief that they get smacked in the face with when they finally realize that they have to say once again, "Wait 'til next year!" Cubs fans spew these words out every September as if they had never spoken them before. This is a phrase that has come to be synonomous with the Chicago Cubs, yet they say it with the same thoughtlessness that most of us say, "Good morning" or "I have to pee." "Next year" is the carrot that they keep chasing. (Look up the definition of insane)

Now I'm not one boast or brag, but in my lifetime alone, the Cardinals have been to the World Series 6 times. Out of those 6 times, they have won the Championship twice, 1982 and 2006. (Should have won it in '85 if it weren't for the infamous blown call by Don Denkinger at 1st base in game 6) Now, I can hear Chicago Cub fans laughing and saying, "You lost 4 out of 6 times!"

My response to them is this:

"Better to have been there and lost, than to have never been there at all!"

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Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance said...

Yeah....It's the Umps fault they didn't win.

Also, It really isn't worth argueing a point that seems so irrelevant. "How many have you won?". Who really cares?

Another redbird not realizing what really drives a Cub fan. They just don't get it and I expect they never will. Sure they have a new stadium and a pretty good club thus far, but that means crap. What matters is October....which I believe they finished behind the Astros last year to clinch 4th place. And if you wanna go back.......they were 6-9 against the Cubs.

But a new year breeds a new season and currently we are tied at 3-3 in the season series. It's May.

I made a bet last year with a Die hard Cardinals fan (some may know this story), and it explains alot in my mind....and maybe only my mind. I bet this fan on the season series and the overall record of the cubs vs the cards straight up, $50 a category for a max of $100. Come October I asked for payment and surprisingly (I jest) he said he didn't remember the bet and found it fool hardy.

Oddly enough.....he said the same thing as you last May.