April 6, 2009

This Year Is Here!

I have visions of the beginning of "The Bad News Bears" swirling in my head. I can see the sprinklers going off, the lines being chalked and the bases being laid out. I know there is extensive Spring Training but the 12 year old in me doesn't really recognize baseball until opening day of my favorite team. It hampers my pre-season conversations but it just makes the season all that more special to me.

That being said, it's very unsettling going in expecting big things from the Cubs this year. The "curse" or as I prefer to call it "mystique" has now worn out it's welcome with me and I just want it to end, whatever it's considered. I left last year more than a bit disappointed, I felt that I was cheated out of a great start. It's like driving a luxury car for a week and then going back to your rusted out Honda. I had the taste and it makes the reality all the worse. Today is the beginning of a new day and a new season. Last year is officially over, although I will be wearing my 08 Central Division Champs hat to remind myself and the non-believers that we are the team to beat.

This year will also be my first official live opening day. Chicago usually doesn't come to Houston until MUCH later in the season and I am looking forward to taking it all in. That being said, I think offering "healthy" options at a ballpark is blasphemy. To me "healthy" means peanuts, unsalted it you are really trying to take care of yourself. Welcome to 09 and let the games begin!

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The Ghost of Jack Buck said...

Glad to hear that you got to experience Opening Day firsthand. That is a rare treat that will live with you forever! Hopefully, one day not too far down the road, you will get to share that experience with your son!