May 23, 2009

Baseball 101... (...years later)

The 3 game sweep of the Cubs this week in St. Louis was impressive, but apparently not enough to muzzle the fans from the north side. Not only did the Cardinals sweep the mid-week series at Busch, they did it in dominant fashion. The Cubs managed to eek out 2 runs over the course of 3 games, and quite honestly should have been shutout in 2 of the 3 games. If not for a slight let down by Cardinals reliever, Ryan Franklin,who gave up a lone run in the 9th inning on Wednesday night, St. Louis would have had five pitchers contributing to a shutout. Chris Carpenter was untouchable, picking up the win in his first start back from the disabled list. Adam Wainwright was filthy on Thursday, giving up 1 run in 8 2/3 innings of work. The Redbirds pitching staff dominated the series, leaving the Cubs looking like they had left their bats at the airport in Chicago.

Even on the heels of this humiliation, Cubs fans continue talking. One excuse after another to explain their pitiful performance. I hear it at work, I read it in blogs, I see it in the media. Apparently, the cure for what ails the Cubs all rests in the return of their injured players. Ramirez and Zambrano seem to be "the resurrection" that Wood and Prior were supposed to be in seasons past. "Just wait till we're healthy again..." I've heard it my whole life.... I'll just keep waiting. Fortunately for me, I'm a Cardinals fan, not a Cubs fan. I'll give it to the Cubs fans though, they ARE loyal. To a fault.

The difference between the Cubs and the Cardinals is that the Cardinals have proven that they can play through the injuries. Year after year, Tony Larussa puts a team on the field with guys who step up and perform in the spotlight. Larussa has a way of convincing his players that they can win with whatever lineup they put out there. They don't sit around and wait for "their guys" to get healthy. They step up to the challenge and perform in their absence. That is why Tony is always altering his starting lineup and changing the batting order. He keeps everyone involved so that they are prepared if and when their time comes to step up to the plate.

I keep hearing Cubs fans calling it "over-achieving." Maybe some of their guys need to learn to over-achieve? It might save them from the heartburn that they are afflicted with every September. I'll take over-achievers before under-achievers every day of the week!

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Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance said...

You seem to pimp the Redterds more than need be.

First of all to understand the Cubs is more than what you will ever know. Takes more than wins and takes more that a loss or 3.

The main difference is that you continue to focus on past events and "things" the redterds won. Great. Good for you. I can always see th following in any town I see a game. They were here in Houston and I think I saw 10 red shirts....of course maybe it was the kids just wearing a shirt from little league.....don't know.

Cubs are about optimism and how we will bring everything out of the matter the injuries. They may not do it but like Obama says.......Hope. We know where we stand every day and every pitch. I would say we are a passionate than any Boston fan could dream.

Did we lose? Yes. Will it happen again.....Hope not but maybe.

I can tell by the article that you just don't get it. that's fine.....your a Card fan. That is what make you different.....Thank God.

Since you love history so much....What happened last year to the Cards? A friend once said your only as good as your last game.....true....But in a marathon.....I say your only as good as your last race. Last I checked....It's May...and the Cards were 4th last year?.

Maybe you should wait to count your chickens. 6 Games left and 3 are in September. Hopefully this year the Cards will be in the hunt to at least make it interesting.